Projects: Libraries

Ziska Architecture has provided design services for over a dozen library systems. We believe our expertise lies not only in planning successful libraries, but also in the process of planning libraries. Most often, the process utilized and the interaction of the planners, the Board, the Staff, the public and the Director, is as important as the expertise of the Architect. Besides libraries, our extensive planning expertise includes churches, school facilities, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, mental health facilities, and many other building types. This extensive planning expertise provides our clients with a cross-pollenization of ideas and abilities, which will provide a well-rounded approach to your concerns.

The process we employ is interactive and participatory and will focus on the positive aspects of your facility. Major goals of the process will be exploration, participation and interaction. We have used this process successfully in many venues over the past thirty-four years. You will find that the process works best because we design with you rather than for you. We are noted as "good listeners" and designers who do not allow their egos to govern decisions. Our primary goal is to satisfy you, the staff and your constituents, as well as developing a technically correct library. We do this through a series of interviews, public meetings, focus groups and design charrettes. We seek input and then show you what we have heard, make suggestions, provide alternatives, and explore ideas. We will visit other libraries with you and note the successes and discover new possibilities. Because we plan many building types, you will find that we think creatively making suggestions and discovering new methods.

In order to keep up with the new ideas in libraries, we attend the Ohio Library Conferences and keep up with journal articles. We also visit other libraries to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. We have given several educational sessions at Library Conferences including "Design for Children," "Interior Air Quality" and "The Process of Library Planning."

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