Projects: Religious Facilities

We believe one of our greatest assets to becoming a member of your team is our commitment to and our extensive, close involvement within the religious community for over thirty years. In serving on boards, attending functions and even assisting inner city parishes, we have come in contact with a wide variety of experiences which will aid us in helping your parish. As a result, for example, we know from first hand experience how difficult it is to raise money and how important it is to use the parish's money wisely.

Our ultimate commitment is to strengthen our faith as well as our religious community. When we have the honor to work with a parish we accept the commission as part of our ministry of building God's church while building buildings.

The well known real-estate motto for a successful business is "location, location, location." Because the master planning process is so far reaching and there are so many potential pit falls, we believe the appropriate motto for a successful planning process should be "experience, experience, experience." The success of our projects and the completion of many phases of the master plans are evidence to you that we have the experience to make us a reliable team member.

Our proven process and successful ability to work with parishes is, I believe, unequaled. We do not have a "canned" process we use for everyone but rather an individualized approach to every parish. We find this extremely important because every parish has unique and specific qualities, demographics and worship style.

By listening carefully and honoring all ideas from every individual involved you will find that our process will be a peaceful and rewarding event for the parish. We will assist you in ways yet to be discovered in order to help build Church while building buildings. Through the act of honoring each idea, and not dismissing a single suggestion idea out of hand, you will find that egos do not lead your project, rather a genuine concern for each person's input.

In the end, you, the committee members, staff, ministers, custodians and parishioners will feel that they have had meaningful input. When a parishioner believes in an effort, they are more likely to support the effort.

Finally, our firm has been hired in the past because we have exhibited an ability to work closely with major significant donors to our projects. In addition, we find it is very important to coordinate fundraising efforts and to provide special attention when requested. We believe that through our efforts, insight and attention major donors have increased their original commitment.

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